Executive and Team Coaching

Leadership development has a cascading effect on teams and performance

Take a moment to consider the most effective business leader you’ve met. What qualities make that person different from everyone else?

More than likely, the traits you identify will include how they make you and others feel when you’re together. They’re often excellent listeners who seem to truly value what you have to say. Aside from their business acumen, they are confident, decisive and possess a desire to help those around them become better leaders.

Now try to remember a business leader who wasn’t as impressive. Maybe this was a former boss or the head of another department. Why was that person unable to identify their deficiencies in order to become more competent?

Based on our experiences, the difference between the best and worst leaders isn’t genetics. Born leaders may be possible, but it’s much more likely for them to have received executive training. That’s where Legacy Transformational Consulting comes in.

Another way to view this dichotomy is in how it’s characterized within academic literature. Most researchers tend to make a distinction between managers and leaders. Managers are generally described as able to maintain the status quo, but often lack a larger vision for how to move an organization forward or inspire those around them. However, leaders possess the charisma and mentorship abilities that motivate teams at all levels to achieve exceptional results.


Working with an executive coach.

When you work with an executive coach from Legacy, we focus on creating a transformation within you. It’s not just about watching you interact with others and then making recommendations for how to speak differently. We enable you to see yourself, the world, and your capabilities in a new paradigm. Our goal is for you to unlock your hidden talents and raw potential so you can realize what matters most.

One way we do this is through a 3-day intensive individual coaching course called Leaders For The Strategic Future® (although it can also be done with a group or a team of people). Your transformation occurs as you identify the specific decisions, responses, attitudes and beliefs that have shaped the person you’ve become.

Through our executive training, you begin to see the distinct ways of being and acting that got you to where you are, with specific consideration regarding your successes and limitations. From there, we guide you through the process of discovering new ways of being and acting that allow you and your team to dwarf any results you have accomplished before.

After completing the leadership training session, you may not yet have all the experience you need to be an extraordinary leader, but you will have experienced the personal transformation that is required for you to be a leader, not just a manager, regardless of the circumstances or conditions.

Executive training leads to an expanded awareness of what it means to be a leader, which in turn yields better follow-through on decisions, and will help you dial-in your effectiveness. You’ll feel more confident and have a clearer direction for where you and your team is headed.

And as your business leadership skills expand, so does your reputation, which will help you attract and retain the best talent. You’ll be able to build an effective team around yourself that not only respects your decision-making abilities but will also trust each other. This leads to better performance, individuals exceeding expectations and continually-expanding opportunities.

We believe that leadership mastery is not something you achieve or reach after one consulting session. Rather, it is a muscle you develop over time and with the help of executive training. Very similar to a commitment to get fit, once you have that target in mind, it requires you to regularly work on it, then build it into your daily life as a routine to achieve the goal, and most importantly, sustain it until it becomes a habit.

Our Leadership development courses come in many shapes and sizes and can be tailored to the unique needs of your organization. Beyond the individual coaching described above, Legacy also offers team performance coaching.

Working with a high-performance team coach.

As Aristotle puts it, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. A team that is operating in total harmony will produce exceptional results when compared to a team that contains highly-qualified individuals who are not being and operating as one. If you’re ready to create and lead a high-performance team, then at a minimum we recommend doing the Organizational Future by Design® course, which will get your team to buy into and committed to realizing a future that is far bigger than anything that would have likely developed organically or predictably.

If you are looking for a total transformation and positive jolt in your organization, we suggest exploring an Effective Organization by Design® curriculum, which includes six offerings:

  • An Organizational Future by Design®
  • Leaders For The Strategic Future®
  • Strategic Planning For Action®
  • Mastering The Art Of Enrollment®
  • Mission Control® Productivity Workshop
  • A Breakthrough Project by Design®

Every consulting session or offering in An Effective Organization by Design® is designed to come together like a puzzle and leave your company operating as a high-performance team. It will equip your team with critical leadership frameworks that unleash the untapped power of your company’s biggest asset⁠—your people. We are talking about a quantum leap forward in the realization of a highly ambitious, unpredictable outcome or set of outcomes.

Your team will love it.

It begins with someone, or some small group, seeing a possibility and the difference that can be made by acting boldly and committing to something, that history and experience indicate cannot be achieved. This vision includes a willingness to depart from the familiar, well-worn path of the “business as usual” approach.

Our team will take yours step-by-step through the transformation your organization needs to make remarkable results possible and real. The experience will truly develop a high-performance culture for your organization. You have the potential to become a more effective leader, and your team can operate as a high-performing team to realize what seems like impossible goals.

Get in touch so Legacy can help you start the journey.


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