Executive and Team Coaching

Executive and Team Coaching

Are you satisfied with where you are in life? Are you playing big enough? Are you set up to blow the lid right off your past performance? Legacy has coached 10,000+ people over the last three decades and mastered being the catalyst for our clients to experience breakthroughs in performance that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. 

Legacy Consulting On-Demand  gives you and your team access to ongoing coaching: One-on-One Coaching or Team/Group Coaching. We promise that through us working together, we will enable you and your team access to leading and generating superior sustainable performance. 

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Robert Shereck - Founding Partner & Chief Executive Officer at Legacy Transformational Consulting

Robert Shereck

Founding Partner, Chief Executive Officer

Robert is a master at transforming managers into leaders, generating high performance cultures, and creating effective organizations by design. Transforming cultures through the very people leading the organization requires altering the condition of complacency, resignation and cynicism.  It calls for ultimately realizing an effective organization — one consistent with the vision of its leaders; one that sustainably delivers s on the concerns of all relevant parties — creates new possibilities for the future, and enables people to realize the futures they create.

Robert is an author and leader in the field of applying transformational technologies to mainstream business practices. He has assisted some of the world’s most prestigious global organizations in achieving quantum leaps in leadership, leadership teams, performance and productivity. He takes the view that these are critical times for business leaders to invest in their people, so that they are fully equipped to be the agents of transforming what does not work into what does work.

Gisèle Privé - Partner & Chief Operations Officer at Legacy Transformational Consulting

Gisèle Privé

Partner, Chief Operations Officer

As co-founder of Legacy, over three decades Gisèle has gained a widespread reputation as an expert in transformative learning, causing deep-seated and lasting breakthroughs for individuals, teams and organizations.  As a program leader for small and large-scale teams, Gisele is inspired by people’s ability to alter their view of themselves and their organizations, leading to unexpected levels of relatedness, trust and productivity that completely alters their business environment. Working with companies throughout Canada, USA, Europe and South America, she has made a profound impact in the areas of project management, productivity, operations and performance — and, most importantly, in people’s lives. She has an ability to get to the heart of the matter quickly, effectively, keep things simple and leaves people in action to realize their future.

Fluent in French, English and moderately adept in Spanish, for 30 years Gisèle has been accountable for all aspects of Legacy’s performance and operations. Prior to founding the company with Robert, her partner and spouse, she was a managing partner of two electronics firms, accountable for the firms’ consistently outstanding financial success.


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