Breakthrough Projects by Design®


A Breakthrough Project by Design® is a structured and systematic, yet creative and innovative approach to produce, by design, a breakthrough — a quantum leap forward — in the realization of a highly ambitious, unpredictable outcome or set of outcomes.

It begins with someone, or some small group, seeing a possibility and the difference that can be made by acting boldly and committing to something, that history and experience indicate cannot be achieved. This vision includes a willingness to depart from the, familiar, well-worn path of the  “business as usual” approach.

A Breakthrough Project by Design® has six major stages and two key principles, which if followed and well executed, will set the stage for success. Along with these principles, what allows for success is the development of the leadership teams and of the team members.  

When executives and their teams, in partnership with their people, elevate the results that they can envision, commit to and fulfill, they will have altered the paradigm within which the organization is able to think and act. Our consulting takes you step by step through the transformation that your organization needs, to make these remarkable results possible and real.


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