Break Barriers: Master Your Entrepreneurial Journey Now

Legacy’s Entrepreneur Breakthrough Program® – an 18 hour intensive virtual program – promises that YOU will produce REAL, MEASURABLE, BREAKTHROUGH Business Results.

Legacy is the most powerful tool I have ever experienced.

  • – Michael Cowpland, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Corel Corporation (Acquired by KKR for $1B)

Is it luck or by design?

“She’s closing deals I only see in my dreams.”

“His success as an entrepreneur is the stuff they write about.”

“Everything they touch seems to turn to gold.”

Don’t you find that all too often we stand back and admire the dazzling achievements of the privileged few, (sigh), and pronounce, from some deep and sad place, “some people have all the luck!”

Do they really have more luck than you and me?

Or…is it possible that some of them actually created their own entrepreneurial future, and in so doing, created their own “luck”?

Consider, luck is the residue of design.

Find out how you can create your own luck with Legacy’s Entrepreneur Breakthrough Program®.

What’s getting in the way of you emerging as an entrepreneur and building the business that you want…and deserve?

About the Entrepreneur Breakthrough Program® 

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Legacy’s Entrepreneur Breakthrough Program® is an 18 hour intensive virtual course in which you transform yourself from wherever you see yourself today, to discovering and developing BEING an entrepreneur.

In the sessions, you will:

1. Discover what’s constraining and limiting you.

2. Have access to ways of being and actions that were not previously possible for you.

3. See for yourself your authentic power, courage, and freedom to create being an entrepreneur, regardless of the circumstances.

4. Identify the essential foundation for your enterprise, whether new or existing, and what it takes to realize results that seemed unimaginable.

Ready to make the impossible possible?

Legacy’s Entrepreneur Breakthrough Program® promises that YOU will produce REAL, MEASURABLE, BREAKTHROUGH Business Results in each of the above-noted outcomes.

Ready for a breakthrough? Mark your calendar.

The Entrepreneur Breakthrough Program® is an 18-hour virtual program that’s delivered over 4 sessions of 4.5 hours each (includes a 30- minute break).

Day 1: June 26 starting at 8:00am Pacific

Day 2: June 27 starting at 8:00am Pacific

Day 3: June 28 starting at 8:00am Pacific

Day 4: June 30 starting at 8:00am Pacific

The Entrepreneur Breakthrough Program® is a game-changing opportunity for aspiring business owners and visionary entrepreneurs. The investment for your Entrepreneur Breakthrough Program® is $4,000.00 USD. Gain the knowledge, skills, and strategies to unlock your true potential and propel your venture to new heights. Don’t miss this chance to revolutionize your entrepreneurial path—register for the Entrepreneur Breakthrough Program® today!

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Who is Legacy?

As a transformational consulting firm, Legacy stands as a global leader in transformative learning, enabling people and teams in organizations to overcome major challenges in leadership, culture, productivity, breakthrough performance, and execution. We excel in the delivery of learning that goes beyond traditional models to provide clients with a new foundation from which to design their future.

Traditional learning starts from an existing world view and seeks to provide knowledge or skills that lead to improvements within that current world.  Transformative learning, in contrast, reshapes the landscape on which your people view themselves and their world, opening possibilities for action that were previously unseen.  In transformative learning, you look beyond your current worldview or paradigm, seeing what exists without the distortion of past experience, limitations and beliefs. When transformation occurs,  nothing changes — yet everything is altered as you and your people discover new frames of reference, an entirely new horizon from which new actions and outcomes inevitably emerge.

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