Entrepreneur Breakthrough Program®


Entrepreneur Breakthrough Program® is an 18-hour intensive session that can be done virtually or in person, in which you begin to transform yourself from wherever you see yourself today, to discovering and developing BEING an entrepreneur at a level of beginner, competence, excellence, and mastery. In this session, you will reveal your ways of being that got you here without making anyone, or anything wrong. You will get complete with your ways of being that got you here such that a new realm of possibility emerges. You will discover for yourself your power and freedom to create BEING an entrepreneur regardless of the circumstances. And finally, you will begin to invent for yourself the business concern that you are out to fulfill on such that you see realizing the unimaginable. 

In completing this session, you may not yet have all the experience you need to be an extraordinary entrepreneur, but you will have experienced the personal transformation required for you to be an entrepreneur, regardless of the circumstances or conditions.


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