Generating and Executing Breakthrough Strategies by Design®


Legacy’s Generating and Executing Breakthrough Strategies by Design® is a two-year program that provides you, your people and organization with education,  coaching, and support to develop a core competency for strategy formulation — ensuring that each breakthrough strategy is actionable and implemented as designed. As you develop your people, a new body of knowledge and practices will emerge and gain expression, allowing for a sustainable core competency in generating and executing breakthrough strategies by design.

Through the course of this work, you and your people will discover who you need to be to execute these breakthrough strategies masterfully, as intended, while guiding your team to apply them successfully within your organization.

Generating and Executing Breakthrough Strategies by Design®:  Benefits & Highlights

  • Creation of an environment where managers transform into leaders.
  • The clarity of standing in a “Created Future” that you and your people have invented, while generating the actions required to fulfill your “Created Future” on time, on budget and as intended.
  • Development, over time, of a strategic core competence where you have the freedom to approach strategy from a new paradigm.
  • A reliable strength in generating future-based thinking and breakthrough strategy formulation beyond “business as usual”, that expands as your future unfolds.
  • Achievement of consistently stunning results that far exceed what had been predictable in the past.
  • A powerful ability to transform breakdowns into breakthroughs.
  • A recognized culture of identifying, creating, elevating and sustaining high performance in individuals and teams — one that attracts and retains top talent to your organization.


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