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We are committed that our time together delivers the greatest impact possible. Therefore, we are requesting some advance preparation on your part to ensure that your investment of time, energy, intellectual effort and the organization’s money yields great returns for all concerned. Below are essential assignments that we request you complete prior to your session.


Please read this preparation letter carefully, as it contains all the information you will need to know. The preparation you do ahead of our session will make all the difference and determine the speed at which we can operate.


Here you will be able to find a daily schedule for your upcoming Legacy session.  It indicates start/break/end times for your planning. Please be sure to check back right before your session as we may update this periodically.


***Before doing anything else, please take the time to sign this confidentiality agreement. ***  Legacy’s work is proprietary and we must ensure that the materials remain confidential. Thank you for your partnership.

Pre-Innerview Video

Kindly watch this video prior to your innerview call to give you a brief summary of the work we will be doing together. It is intentionally designed to help give you some context and deepen your understanding of what’s ahead.

Questionnaire (Word Format)

This document is the word version of the online questionnaire.  Its purpose is to help you prepare your answers in advance of submitting your questionnaire answers should you need it. If you prefer to go straight into submitting your answers you may do that.

Online Questionnaire

Please fill out our online questionnaire before Friday May 29th, 2020. The purpose is to provide a platform for you to discuss the facts or as we call it the “what’s so” and “what you see possible” for your team and your organization (and gives Legacy insights).


Please read, “Integrity”, an Interview of Michael Jensen by Karen Christensen, so you begin to discover for yourself what we mean by “integrity”. It has multiple dimensions, as you will see, and is about being one’s word.


Please take a moment to read about what we call Breakthrough. In this document, we will distinguish what it is exactly, as we intend it to be understood, so it is clear and present for all when used in our session.

The New IT

This book is a private publication. Upon signing the Confidentiality Agreement above, you will receive an automated email within 24 hours (typically much sooner) with the password to open The New IT file.


This 13-minute video explains Legacy’s methodology and approach. It provides an overview of what to expect in your session and allows you to begin to appreciate the arena in which we will be working.


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