High-Performance Consulting

When breakthrough performance is planned

Bold, outrageous goals aren’t set by executive leadership very often.

Far too many leaders are concerned they will be on the hook if a planned outcome isn’t achieved.

So they do what’s always worked before. They set targets that are equal to or marginally higher than what’s been done in the past and no one is surprised when the organization hits them.

But what happens when the market gets less predictable?

Should everyone just keep doing the same thing, but set their goals lower? The equivalent of sticking your head in the sand?

That doesn’t seem very inspirational. Or profitable.

Transformational Leadership.

A better way forward is through transformational leadership. It’s a way of seeing from a perspective that is different from what was always used before. It forces you to look beyond your current worldview or paradigm, recognizing what exists without the distortion of past experience, limitations and beliefs.

When transformation occurs, nothing changes—yet, everything is altered as you and your team discover new frames of reference, an entirely new horizon from which new actions and outcomes inevitably emerge.

The process at Legacy is highly effective with established teams that are set in their ways within an organization that has plateaued, or even doing well, but not living up to its potential. We send a high-performance consultant to give them a needed jolt, an intentional wake-up call, to take your growth to the next level. We’ll help you create an environment where managers transform into leaders.

However, building and leading a world-class team that has the power to produce unprecedented results is not a small undertaking. Each individual comes to this process with their own perspectives of the organization’s past and where they believe it is headed. Once we create an opening in the way they see the world, the company, the team and their role within it, from that new foundation, a new game worth playing can emerge and inspire your team into action.

Building and leading a high-performance company culture.

Legacy’s proprietary technology leaves you, your people and organization with the tools and know-how to be a leader and effectively exercise leadership as your natural self-expression.

Among the best ways we’ve found to truly apply the new leadership frameworks leaned by your team and produce a planned breakthrough is by experiencing A Breakthrough Project By Design®.

It’s a creative and innovative approach to intentionally produce a breakthrough — a quantum leap forward — over a specific period of time, to realize a highly ambitious, unpredictable outcome or set of outcomes.

It begins with someone, or a small group, seeing a possibility and the difference that can be made by acting boldly and committing to something that history and experience indicate cannot be achieved. This vision includes a willingness to depart from the familiar, well-worn path of the  “business as usual” approach.

A Breakthrough Project by Design® has six major stages and two key principles, which if followed and well executed, will set the stage for success.

When executives and their teams, working together with their people, elevate the results that they can envision, commit to and fulfill, they will have altered the paradigm within which the organization is able to think and act. An entirely new way forward is created.

Our consulting takes you step-by-step through the transformation that your organization needs to make these remarkable results possible and real.

At this point, you may be wondering, what kinds of breakthrough performances are possible?

We’ve seen clients triple market cap in 3 years, and they are just getting started.

We’ve seen clients land billion-dollar contracts that were not predicted to happen prior to working with us.

We’ve seen clients expand from 100 retail locations (Walmart-like) to upwards of 2,000 after their team got aligned on their bold future. This was in no way previously predictable or thought to be possible among anyone on their team.

That’s the essence of transformational leadership. Legacy’s offerings are specifically designed for executives and managers who sense their people have yet to fully realize what is possible for themselves, their culture and their organization. They become able to perceive and achieve results that would not happen without a worldview change and deep alignment among the leadership team.

After your first breakthrough performance, you’ll want to sustain your momentum with a plan for creating even more.

Generating and Executing Breakthrough Strategies by Design® is a two-year program that provides you, your people and organization with education, coaching, and support to develop a core competency for strategy formulation, which will allow you to ensure that each breakthrough strategy is actionable and implemented as designed.

As you develop your people, a new body of knowledge and practices will emerge and gain expression, allowing for a sustainable core competency in generating and executing breakthrough strategies by design.

Through the course of this work, you and your people will discover who you need to be to execute these breakthrough strategies masterfully, as intended, while guiding your team to apply them successfully within your organization.

Through Legacy’s consulting and sessions, you will also develop a culture of identifying, creating, elevating and sustaining high-performance in individuals and teams—one that attracts and retains top talent to your organization.

Achievement of consistently stunning results that far exceed what had been predictable in the past takes an innovative mindset. Get in touch to see what a high-performance consultant from Legacy can unleash for your organization.


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