There is no shortage of companies and individuals offering executive or team coaching. Legacy offers more: Beyond help in solving a problem or leveraging an opportunity, we offer management consulting that drives a deep and substantive transformation within you, your team, and your entire organization. We take the view that the way you see the world has a direct impact on who you are, and on the way you act, ultimately impacting performance and results. So, we work with you to shift the world view that sustains and preserves the status quo — enabling you to move swiftly to a new level of creativity, performance and excellence.

Executive Coaching

  Individual Coaching

  Execution Support

  Leadership Training

 90 minute live video coaching call/month for 1 year

Our transformative consulting for leaders allows you to tap into the source of your power, enabling business results that dwarf anything you have done in the past. Whatever your accountabilities, you will dramatically elevate your own outcomes, take quantum leaps in your career, work efficiently and effectively with peers, mobilize employees in smooth and coordinated action, and generate high performance all around you.



Team Coaching

  Group Coaching

  Execution Support

  Leadership Training

Monthly or bi-monthly live group coaching call for 1 year

The effectiveness of your group and team will be apparent in their speaking and listening, with a direct impact on both their performance, and yours. This coaching helps groups resolve any issues that arise, while elevating the team alignment such that everyone moves in one direction, in the service of a shared vision and goal. The impact will be evident in real and measurable results that accompany the group and the team.


Management Consulting

  Leadership Training

  Productivity Workshops

  Breakthrough Generation

  Strategic Planning For Action

Choose the right transformative consulting for your team and organization designed to fulfill on your exact commitments and concerns. Coaching is tailored to impact culture, leadership, teams, sales, marketing, manufacturing, research & development, and… you name it. Let’s discuss what your needs are, what result you want to achieve, and with whom. Legacy will work with you to customize a program that pairs you with our certified senior consultants and their teams, to achieve what you are committed to realize in the time frame that meets you, your team and company’s needs.


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