Mastering the Art of Enrollment®


No matter how you define leadership (there are 1.2 billion Google search results), we say it’s largely dependent on a single key skill: mastering enrollment conversations. Each and every single day, you likely have had several conversations with various business stakeholders. Each of your interactions will collectively determine the ultimate success you experience as a leader. Developing your skill in this area is not only important, it’s fundamental to your effectiveness as a leader.

Mastering the Art of Enrollment® is a 2-day intensive course for individuals who are committed to engaging others in seeing a new possibility, adopting it as their own, and begin to take actions to make that a reality.

In other words, enrollment is generating a possibility in another’s listening such that what the other person sees or recognizes is that possibility for themselves, generating new actions and unprecedented performance. Enrollment moves, touches and inspires people to see a new way of looking at how they can realize their commitments and to have their actions be perfectly correlated with that new way of perceiving things.

Leaders committed to igniting alignment and engagement within their team, organization and partnership relationships will come out of Mastering the Art of Enrollment® with the required framework needed to repeatedly generate enrollment conversations and will experience tremendous growth in their ability to effectively communicate.


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