Mission Control® Productivity Workshop


The purpose of the Mission Control® Productivity Workshop is for your days to be filled with Power, Freedom and Peace of Mind. This 2-Day workshop provides a well-developed system to organize and prioritize multiple tasks in a way that supports you and your team, and to deal effectively with the myriad communication channels that occupy your life. The Mission Control® Productivity Workshop provides direct access to a breakthrough in individual productivity that allows you to have the energy to accomplish far more than you had imagined.

You will leave with 5 principles, 5 tools and 5 practices that you will have begun to incorporate in your life. Your workshop comes with 3 coaching calls to address what works and what doesn’t work as you implement your new Mission Control® system.

**The following testimonials come from a team of senior leaders within a global pharmaceutical company. 

“I definitely have had an increased sense of power freedom and peace of mind.”

“I’m more aware and organized now – feel less stressed and the days feel more productive – everyone is going to take something different from the training – we’re still trying to figuring it out – finding ways and what works – I’m excited to see where this goes w/ more practice and fine-tuning it”

“These have been great sessions, very exciting – this is inspiring a lot of people and giving us freedom”

“This is changing the way I look at interruptions, they are now part of my job, and I’ve started asking can this wait – sometimes it’s not a good time – and sometimes urgent things happen at inconvenient times and now I can balance the two.”

“I’m at peace – was on my way to a Customer’s location and I felt in control of my day – it’s a constant experimentation and a steep learning curve and I’ve noticed moments like that – I realized I had unrealistic expectations of myself on what I can get done – I started to put things in my calendar like travel time etc. and right away I am in control – I can start negotiating whether or not I’m going to do things or if I’m not going to do them.”

“It’s very freeing to get to a state where I know I won’t get it all done and it’s ok – relieves quite a bit of stress.”

“Amazing – thinking like this has given me power freedom and peace of mind because I’m putting less pressure on my shoulder – this has been life changing”

“Starting to see ways to manage the impact of the things that are coming at me.”

“I’m definitely better organized now.”

“We are feeling better about being less stressed, it’s been a very gratifying experience and I’m happy to be a part of it.”


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