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How to create a positive company culture after turmoil

As a strategic management consulting firm, Legacy helps corporate leaders develop the skills necessary to bring diverse individuals and teams together to operate as a team, as one. Although Legacy’s methodology has proven to deliver breakthroughs in a number of different cases, including: turnarounds, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), and complex cross-functional teams that need to work more efficiently together, let’s focus for one second on M&A transactions.

Research studies collectively point to a failure rate of between 70 to 90 percent for mergers and acquisitions. Wonder why?

Here’s a hint: people.

Times of change are often difficult for everyone involved and bringing two company cultures together is tricky if not properly addressed from the start, but it is possible to create a new unified culture that looks to the future in a positive and vitalized way rather than clinging to the fears and tendencies of the past.

Legacy will first help you get your executive leadership team aligned so that everyone agrees on the future they will collectively create. You’ll then learn the strategies and techniques required to pass your enthusiasm through the ranks of your organization in a way that is accepted without coercion or resentment.

All too often, these types of transitions fail due to trust and alignment in the combined entity. People are at the center of every organization and want to feel like they have a purpose that extends beyond their basic job duties. With Legacy’s assistance, your executives and managers can help these individuals fully realize what is possible for themselves, their teams and the organization as a whole.

Although the breadth of the strategic management consulting Legacy delivers is broad, clients most commonly choose to partner with us when they need to positively disrupt their organization, want to create a future that is bigger than anything they can generate organically, want a leadership team that is aligned and trusts each other, and are committed to creating a high-performance culture to deliver unimaginable results.

There is no better way to create a high-performing team after major organizational changes than with a cultural realignment, which Legacy can masterfully deliver through a variety of individual and team-based consulting options.


Turnaround consulting.

Fear and a lack of direction are most obvious among teams when an organization is failing. For this kind of situation, Legacy created a turnaround consulting curriculum that will help reverse the damage caused.

Failure to innovate, adapt to market demands, or recover from a crisis can lead to a toxic work environment. At this point, many organizations have fired or laid-off employees, which results in a loss of trust. When this “everyone for themselves” mentality begins to permeate an office, it takes a dedicated leader to alter how their team perceives the situation and not just begin updating their résumés.

A dedicated leader realizes that an organization, at its core, is made up of people, who communicate and have lots of conversations in order to deliver on outcomes. Ensuring that the culture, team, and organization is aligned is of the utmost importance to realize stunning results. This is where Legacy can really cause a breakthrough for a team that has become divided.

We’re able to give these individuals a needed jolt, an intentional wake-up call, to take them to the next level. They’ll put their résumés away and take ownership of the organization’s success. And it won’t be because of new incentives or meaningless promotions.

They’ll do it because they’ll see where they fit in the overall plan and be committed to accomplishing something exceptional.

They’ll be free from the fears of the past and move away from the unsuccessful narrative they were trapped in before.

They’ll have a new beginning. A limitless paradigm that serves as a starting point and not an ending.

Merger & Acquisition consultants.

Mergers and acquisitions can also create a climate of fear in an organization, but it’s a different mood from what’s typically found in a turnaround. Often, these teams are already performing relatively well, and there is a belief that by combining entities, the output can be much greater.

The M&A Consultants at Legacy realize the need to bring executives and senior managers from different organizations together and get them to trust one another quickly. This is also a time when new competitive edges are realized by mixing people with different perspectives. Our strategies will help everyone involved adapt to the changes that have taken place, consider what worked and what was ineffective in the past, and then envision a future they want to shape for the new organization.

One way to begin this process is through our Organizational Future By Design® course. It has a track record of enabling all participants to let go of past issues, including baggage, complaints, limitations and constraints born from history or experience.

In our terminology, we say everyone is “complete” with whatever past they have individually and collectively brought to the table. This allows for members of a group to reinvent themselves as a high-performance leadership team, with a common language for strategic thinking, planning, and coordinated actions, while accelerating the performance of the entire organization.

This team generates a type of cultural transformation that sets superior organizations apart from their competitors. And, it sets in motion a new era that stands powerfully on the past, yet is free from the constraints and limitations born from that past.

A high-performance leadership team distinguishes the key concerns of all stakeholders, and designs a strategic future that satisfies each concern in a compelling and masterful way.


Company culture consulting.

Every organization has its own pace, mood, and overarching personality. What makes Legacy unique is that our philosophy of company culture consulting doesn’t advocate for overt changes to take place. We work with executive leadership teams to alter how they perceive themselves and the world around them. It’s an internally transformative process.

In transformative learning, you look beyond your current worldview or paradigm, seeing what exists without the distortion of past experience, limitations and beliefs. When transformation occurs,  nothing changes—yet everything is altered as you and your people discover new frames of reference, an entirely new horizon from which new actions and outcomes inevitably emerge.

This is how you create a high-performance culture in your organization. As your leaders start being more effective in their ability to lead and inspire their teams, unbelievable things start to happen. It’s not a top-down process that forces everyone to adopt a new initiative. It’s an infectious and empowering worldview that people want to spread.

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