Strategic Planning for Action®


In the area of strategy, there is something missing that has resulted in a major failure rate for strategic implementation across the board. Since the inception of strategy and strategic planning, this missing link for effective execution has been elusive, until now. Legacy has discovered what most senior strategists have acknowledged as a way to effectively formulate strategies, make strategies actionable, and ultimately execute those strategies, with reliable results.

We have asked clients two simple questions: What is strategy?  and, What is strategic planning? Their answers are consistently associated with getting to some end, and the pathway to achieve that end.  In contrast, we say that although everyone learns to do the same thing, this process has led to a greater-than-76% failure rate of strategy implementation. So, Legacy inquired newly into these questions, What is strategy? and What is strategic planning? — allowing us to see, distinguish and communicate the missing link.

What differentiates Legacy’s Strategic Planning for Action® is a proprietary method in which we remove the complexity of strategy creation and implementation, enabling you and your people to deliver stunning results.

Additionally, Legacy has created a tool which we call  a “Blank Canvas” to capture, manage and visualize your Strategic Planning for Action®.  The “Blank Canvas” is equipped with a tutorial designed to streamline and facilitate that process.


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