Robert Shereck - Founding Partner & Chief Executive Officer at Legacy Transformational Consulting

Robert Shereck

Robert is a master at transforming cultures and organizations, from a condition of complacency, resignation and cynicism to being empowering environments that satisfy organizations’ concerns and realize their committed results.

An author and leader in the field of applying transformational technologies to mainstream business practices, Robert has assisted some of the world’s most prestigious global organizations in achieving quantum leaps in performance and productivity. He takes the view that these are critical times for business leaders to invest in their people, and in the long-term effectiveness of their enterprise.

Gisèle Privé - Partner & Chief Operations Officer at Legacy Transformational Consulting

Gisèle Privé

As co-founder of Legacy, over three decades Gisèle has gained a widespread reputation as an expert in transformative learning, causing deep-seated and lasting breakthroughs for individuals, teams and organizations. As a program leader for small and large-scale teams, Gisele is inspired by people’s ability to alter their view of themselves and their organizations, leading to unexpected levels of relatedness, trust and productivity that completely alters their business environment. Working with companies throughout Canada, USA, Europe and South America, she has made a profound impact in the areas of project management, productivity, operations and performance — and, most importantly, in people’s lives.

Richard Hopper - Sr.Consultant Emeritus

Richard Hopper passed away January 16, 2023. He asked that we celebrate him and his life, rather than be saddened by his passing.

Richard was a master student of transformation. He was a seasoned CFO who spoke seven languages and held a Ph.D. in International Relations. He was a brilliant pianist and he sang in many languages. He worked at a number of public companies including Exxon, and, little known fact – he started a passion fruit business that captured 27% of the Colombian market – a business that he later sold to a large Colombian company.

When he first joined Legacy, Richard declared “By 2010 Colombia is at peace in every region of the country as measured by me walking anywhere I choose with my granddaughter.”

We worked with many amazing companies in Colombia through Richard’s introductions including Almacenes Exito, a wildly successful client of ours. Exito’s CEO, Gonzalo Restrepo, was Richard’s brother-in-law. Gonzalo was also one of the negotiators at the Colombian Peace Talks held in Cuba with the Government of Colombia, FARC and Paramilitary groups. The President of Colombia was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2016 for his groundbreaking efforts in bringing peace to Colombia. Richard held meetings with President’s, Mayors, Generals and many other high-ranking officials of Colombia. He made it clear that peace was possible in Colombia.

We traveled the world together and Richard made a difference in every client interaction including with Robert and Gisele. We all love Richard and his wife, Maria Cristina Restrepo, for their deep service to humanity. We celebrate you Dr. Richard Hopper.


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