Committed to Mastery

Legacy is a core team of transformational consultants with a commitment to business mastery in the areas of effective management, unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit, and dynamic leadership. Our commitment to business mastery is a catalyst through which you, your people and your organization realize what matters most to you. Legacy consultants partner strategically with our clients to produce stunning results that were not predictable from past history or current plans and expectations.

Robert Shereck - Founding Partner & Chief Executive Officer at Legacy Transformational Consulting

Robert Shereck

Founding Partner, Chief Executive Officer

Robert is a master at transforming cultures and organizations, from a condition of complacency, resignation and cynicism to being empowering environments that satisfy organizations’ concerns and realize their committed results.

An author and leader in the field of applying transformational technologies to mainstream business practices, Robert has assisted some of the world’s most prestigious global organizations in achieving quantum leaps in performance and productivity. He takes the view that these are critical times for business leaders to invest in their people, and in the long-term effectiveness of their enterprise.

Gisèle Privé - Partner & Chief Operations Officer at Legacy Transformational Consulting

Gisèle Privé

Partner, Chief Operations Officer

As co-founder of Legacy, over three decades Gisèle has gained a widespread reputation as an expert in transformative learning, causing deep-seated and lasting breakthroughs for individuals, teams and organizations.  As a program leader for small and large-scale teams, Gisele is inspired by people’s ability to alter their view of themselves and their organizations, leading to unexpected levels of relatedness, trust and productivity that completely alters their business environment. Working with companies throughout Canada, USA, Europe and South America, she has made a profound impact in the areas of project management, productivity, operations and performance — and, most importantly, in people’s lives.

Within Legacy, Gisele is accountable for all aspects of performance and operations. Prior to founding the company with Robert, her partner and spouse, Gisèle was a managing partner of two electronics firms, accountable for the firms’ consistently outstanding financial success.

Alan Ross - Senior Consultant at Legacy Transformational Consulting

Alan Ross

Senior Consultant

For Alan, learning and development are key for successful leadership and thriving organizations. For more than 25 years Alan has worked in executive education, coaching and consulting, with a focus is on supporting clients in achieving extraordinary results.

Alan brings a broad range of training and development expertise, and excels in the design and delivery of challenging and effective leadership programs. Clients include mid, senior, and executive-level leaders from businesses ranging from small entrepreneurial firms to large multinational corporations.

Kim Gustavsson - Senior Consultant at Legacy Transformational Consulting

Kim Gustavsson

Senior Consultant

For 15 years Kim has served as an internal consultant for a top Fortune 500 company,  delivering programs to over 2500 people spread across five continents. In applying a transformational technology to custom designed engagements, Kim has helped teams produce up to a 2000% return on their investment.

Prior to serving as a consultant, Kim was a leading sales manager for a global training company, and later the President and owner of a specialized travel agency with consistent growth over 20 years.

Peter Kang Account Executive/Program Delivery Coordinator Legacy Transformational Consulting

Peter Kang, M.B.A., M.A.

Head of Business Development for Korea

Peter has more than 12 years of experience delivering transformational programs and coaching.  In addition, he brings an extensive background in the world of arts and entertainment thru his senior managerial experience at SONY Music in artist development and marketing, as well as his tenure at Christie’s auction house where he was accountable for Christie’s online marketing initiatives for the Andy Warhol Foundation.

Peter’s expertise lies in leadership development, communication, conflict resolution and in the discovery of hidden barriers to individual and group performance.

Zach Privé-Shereck - Head of Digital at Legacy Transformational Consulting

Zach Privé-Shereck

Consultant/Head of Digital

A graduate in Psychology and Computer Science, Zachary brings to Legacy a passion for technology and a commitment to lead the firm to a new level of digital excellence. He is also trained as a world-class consultant, delivering transformation to our clients to achieve the unimaginable.

Consistent with the transformational approach that Legacy represents, Zachary’s focus is to ensure that our digital infrastructure, systems, and equipment support the outstanding growth and performance required for the success of our clients, and of the firm.

Lancie Martin - Director of Administration at Legacy Transformational Consulting

Lancie Martin

Director of Administration

Working closely with Legacy’s staff and clients, Lancie ensures that exceptional support is provided in all areas of the organization. In her role as Administrator, she is responsible for marketing, office functionality/efficiency, session logistics, and countless other internal and external roles.

An accomplished administrator, Lancie brings more than 25 years’ experience in office management, reorganization, human resources and executive assistance. Her prior career included challenging roles as an analyst, commercial construction manager, residential construction manager, and successful entrepreneur.

Tanya Privé Partner at Legacy Transformational Consulting

Tanya Privé

Senior Consultant

Prior to joining Legacy, Tanya spent the last decade surrendering to her entrepreneurial spirit as she successfully built some of the most outstanding platforms empowering entrepreneurs, including her most recent initiatives, two venture-backed companies of which, both were acquired. During her time as CEO she led four strategic acquisitions and grew the community of users 1,200 percent from 40,000 registered entrepreneurs to almost half a million with presence in more than two hundred countries. Her area of expertise lies in leadership, operations, growth strategies and product development.

Simultaneously, Tanya has racked up more than 1,000+ hours of self-development programs in the area of personal transformation and energy, both as participant and coach. Specific training includes communication, leadership, strategic future creation, integrity, and ridding negative energy patterns. Tanya continuously shares the lifelong principles and awareness she has acquired by writing thought leadership pieces around entrepreneurship, leadership, and venture investing.  Her writing has been read by millions as it has been published on top tier media publications, such as Forbes, Huffington Post, and Inc. 

Richard Hopper - Sr.Consultant Emeritus

Richard Hopper, Ph. D. (1943 - 2023)

Sr.Consultant Emeritus

Based in Colombia, South America, Richard represents Legacy throughout Latin America, and serves as a lead consultant in other international engagements of Legacy. He focuses primarily on multinational and multicultural companies.

Richard brings to Legacy the rigor and credibility of an experienced CFO, together with a deep commitment to integrity and trust. He has provided some of the Western Hemisphere’s fastest growing companies with methodologies and approaches that produce breakthroughs in executive leadership, high-performance leadership teams and compelling strategic futures.

Richard passed away in 2023, so we have him here as a tribute to a great man.


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