Saying that Legacy is a different kind of leadership consulting doesn’t justify what it stands for; it truly lives in a category of its own. What distinguishes Legacy from other consultants, is the fact that they have no intention to ‘teach’ us anything, or to ‘enlighten’ us. Rather, they are a powerful catalyst of the transformational experience in our organization.

– General Manager at a Global Software Company

I want to acknowledge the breakthroughs that Legacy helped our company, and my executive team, achieve. When we first started working with Legacy the executives focused internally, concentrating mainly on their departmental objectives rather than on overall performance. Since working with Legacy, we have delivered business results that the organization had never seen before!

– President of a Global Pharmaceutical Company

The training has acted as a real catalyst, enabling our teams to reach high performance levels far faster than I ever dreamed, leading us to finish the year with one of our best performances ever. Legacy helped us understand the real differentiators that drive high performance in transformations.

– Executive Vice President,Technical Operations of a Biopharmaceutical Company


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